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Thursday, January 17, 2019

President Kagame urges leaders to uphold the right values

President Paul Kagame has urged leaders from different sectors to uphold the values needed to keep Rwandans united, working hard and prosperous.

The Head of State delivered the message while speaking at the 23rd edition of the annual Special Prayer Breakfast that was held in Kigali.

Reminding the leaders about Rwanda’s three bold choices of unity, thinking big and accountability, the President said that leaders at different levels need to adopt and promote values that help them deliver on the goals of transforming the country.

He urged leaders in different institutions, including religious leaders, to always carryout self evaluation to establish whether they are making a difference in the lives of the people that they lead.

“We have to reflect on our actions and evaluate ourselves honestly. That is how you will elevate yourself beyond petty actions. This is what will allow you to practice the values that should define us,” he said.

Organised by Rwanda Leaders Fellowship (RLF), a non-for-profit organisation, the annual prayer meeting brings together leaders in top positions for fellowship, to celebrate the country’s achievements in the past year and reflect on future milestones.

President Kagame urged about 700 leaders gathered at the event yesterday to always think beyond themselves and spread their good values to the youth.

“We have to think beyond the next day, think about the generations ahead and what we want to accomplish,” he said.

Yesterday’s National Prayer Breakfast also attracted participants from other countries, with guests coming from Cameroun, Gabon, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Kenya, Norway, Singapore, USA, Canada, Kosovo, India, and the United Kingdom.

The Chairperson of Rwanda Leaders Fellowship, Eric Munyemana, said that his group has been praying for Rwanda to be “one of the luckiest countries in the world”.

He also said that praying for the country helps fellows to grow into more patriotic citizens who work to develop their country and remain grateful for its achievements.

“The more you pray for the country the more you love it and the more you have a grateful heart,” Munyemana said.

One of the key speakers at the event, MP Philbert Uwiringiyimana, thanked God for having kept Rwandans united in the past year, enabled economic development, and for Rwanda remaining one of the good places in the world to do business.

He also said that Rwanda has maintained its impressive performance in good governance by being one of the least corrupt countries in the world and maintained good relations with other countries.

While delivering his sermon, Pastor Antoine Rutayisire preached about the power of team work in transformative leadership.

He explained that three things characterise transformative leadership; dealing with existing challenges, discipline and remaining focused to achieve the desired goals.

“Every team needs to have a goal and needs to have an idea of where it wants to take people from and lead them,” he said.

The evangelist prayed that Rwanda witnesses sustained peace and prosperity throughout this year.

He advised all leaders to always work in the interests of those they lead instead of getting lost into ambitions to enrich and glorify themselves.

“Selfish ambitions don’t work,” he said, explaining that a good leader should always promote the cause they stand and work for instead of promoting personal interests.

The national prayer breakfast was first held on September 1, 1995, and has since attracted leaders from different spheres of national life.

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