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Monday, November 1, 2021

I believe Executive Council and Assembly won’t allow PAP meeting to be presided by AU staffs – Hon. Dr. Gayo

A former Second Vice President of the Pan African Parliament (PAP) and member of National Parliament of Ethiopia, Hon. Dr. Ashebir W. Gayo has decried a situation where unelected officials of African Union (AU) organs and Clerk of the PAP appear to be “fighting each other to command and chair PAP plenary”.

In an exclusive interview with the African Parliamentary News, Dr. Gayo argued that “employees of AU organs are not eligible to  replace the PAP bureau or represent African parliamentarians and even chair meetings as this will be an insult to billion of African people whom PAP represents. And am 100% sure the Heads of State and the Executive Council won’t allow this”.

“Yes I witnessed and watched on TV  what happened in May/June meeting in Midrand at PAP session, yes I agree it was un pleasant, inappropriate and embarrassing, but it was not first and last of it’s kind.  For instance brawls of this nature occurred in Japan, Turkey, Taiwan EU (degrees might be different) are among others”

“However those disciplinary disorders never served as reason to confiscate or rob the legislative Organ’s (Institution) power or independence, at the same time it should be clear that parliamentarians should play exemplary role in the society”

“In line with this, disciplinary measures can be taken on individuals  who have caused that chaos. These measures can be taken and implemented either by PAP ethics committee or simply referred to their respective National parliaments whom they are also accountable to. Because of the mistakes of individuals, the institution in this case PAP cannot be punished and denied it's power given by African people (heads of state). I condemn any violence at the parliament  but again I also condemn confiscation  of power of legislative organ by executive organ in PAP’s case by AU employees”.

Dr. Gayo conceded that the AU’s intention may not have been to interfere in the continental parliament’s business, but to assist the PAP bureau in this case the acting president (elected 4th Vice President)  to organize meeting of plenary and hold elections.

“I also understand why there was some symptom of interference from AU.  I believe the intention was to save one of AU Organs (PAP) and to  play a positive role in prevention of possible further damage to the image and reputation of PAP”

“Since we care about the image of our continent, total damage will be done if AU Staff will replace the PAP bureau and Chair the parliamentarians meeting. What message are we conveying to the world” he asked. 

“Would it sound nice if we show to the world that our continental parliament’s power has been confiscated by executive?”

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