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Thursday, June 10, 2021

Algeria to hold legislative polls on June 12

Algerians are gearing up for the June 12 elections to elect members of parliament as campaigns ended on Tuesday.

Supporters of Algeria’s MSP party rally ahead of the civic exercise.

“Be it our way, our criterion of conduct to cut off the road to the children (supporters) of France here in Algeria who want to forget the values of November, I invite you all to stand up to renew our oath to the declaration of the first November”, said Abderrazak Makri, president of Algeria’s Movement of Society for Peace (MSP).

There are more than 13,000 candidates, with many of them contesting as independent candidates. Some 24 million voters will elect 407 new law makers this Saturday.

“Our message to the Algerian people is clear, we have one message which is to unite for a new Algeria that will only be renewed through the unity of its people, and we are its people”, said Bougtaya Zacharia, candidate with the National Liberation Front (NLF) party.

Meanwhile, some residents like Selim Ben Abdullah want to see much more from political parties like the National Liberation Front.

“We are still waiting for these leaders to look and pay attention to the people, the general public is lost and looking for the minimum requirements of life, like a job position and many other things. The Algerian people have really become unable to live. We hope that the National Liberation Front will be standing high and ahead of others”, he said.

Ahead of the polls, the main issue at stake is voter turnout, as part of Algeria’s opposition has rejected the elections. The increasing protests by the Hirak movement also lurks around.


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