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Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Ndigbo in South Africa endorse Okey Emuchay as Ohaneze Secretary General

Ndigbo in South Africa have expressed their preference of Amb. Okey Emuchay as the Secretary-General of Ohaneze, describing him as a walking encyclopaedia of world history, Nigeria's history and most importantly, Igbo history.

“While serving as Consul-General in South Africa, Amb Okey Emuchay never forgot to be of assistance to Ndigbo in any way possible” they remembered.

They also noted that while serving in South Africa, he created the needed impetus that opened the doors of mutually beneficial business relationships between Nigerian businesses most of whom were Ndigbo and their South African counterparts.

“He made his official residence in Johannesburg accessible to the Nigerian business Community and several others” and decentralized Nigerian Passport application and Collection with the introduction of the Mobile Acquisition Machine for E-passports, a move that saved Nigerians lots of costs and inconveniences previously experienced in the quest for new passports.

Amb. Okey as they fondly called him, equally cleaned up the visa issuance regime he met on arrival  and Introduced the eradication of fees for Emergency Travel Certificates (ETCs) and also reduced the time for it's collection to 24 hours.

He is also reported to have led the Federal Government with South African Authorities during the Yellow Fever card saga. The results he achieved represented high point of our diplomacy

In Nigeria, Amb. Okey enjoys unrestrained contacts to four of Nigeria's former Presidents and Heads of State. Okey will bring the advantages of these relationships to bear when the need arises.

Chief Kennedy Emeana, Protocol Officer at the Pan African Parliament in Midrand South Africa, had this to say about Amb. Emuchay: “I know him too well during his assignment in South Africa. He is a pathfinder and builder; an Igbo patroit; well experienced in Domestic and  International Relations and Diplomacy. Mr. Emuchay will make the Igbo nation Great! I hereby endorse him”.

Others who spoke, described Emuchay as possessing the requisite diplomatic and negotiation skills required for the job of Secretary General of an organization such as Ohanaeze and will change the narrative about Ndigbo by telling their own story with pride and confidence, they said.

On his part, Emuchay has promised to promote and pursue the Igbo world view of egalitarianism, equity and fairness within Igbo land and “in our relationship with other ethnic nationalities in Nigeria”. This is hinged on his belief that a restructured Nigeria will be to the benefit of Ndigbo and all of Nigeria. The pursuit to end the Political imbalance as well as the State- inspired Economic attrition confronting Ndigbo will be one of his cardinal programmes if elected Secretary General.

He has also promised to deepen the involvement of Ibo diaspora population in Ohanaeze activities in order to harness the huge advantages they present to both the Economic and Political wellbeing of Ndigbo as well as work towards maximizing the huge potentials that the Ohanaeze Brand presents with a population of over 50 million Igbos scattered all over the world. This huge population needs to be properly protected and harnessed

“I will strive to build consensus and bridges of understanding among the other Social Cultural Organizations especially in the South-South, South- West, the Middle Belt and the Minority ethnic Nationalities among the Hausa/Fulani Community in the North. In this vein, the strategic rapprochement with the South-West will be of immense focus.”

“The legacy of Chief Nnia Nwodo who has elevated Ohanaeze to such enviable zenith as President General needs to be upheld and even taken to further heights by a new leadership of Ohanaeze. For me, this passes as an imperative mandate.”

Amb. Emuchay is currently a member of the Ohaneze Planning/ Strategy committee under the Chairmanship of Professor Chukwuma Soludo. Additionally, he is also very active in all Ohaneze activities and is a member of the Governing Council of the University of Africa, Bayelsa State.

According to Amb. Emuchay, "returning to the Ohanaeze Secretariat at No. 7 Park Lane, Enugu will be such a historical milestone and nostalgic feeling that will spur me to work relentlessly for the overall well-being of Ndigbo having grown up as a child in that house watching my late father serve Ndigbo, as Chairman of East Central State Public Service Commission.”


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