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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Pan African Parliament explores collaboration with the Parliament of the Republic of South Korea

The First-Vice President of the Pan-African Parliament (PAP), Hon. Stephen Julius MASELE recent;y received a South Korean delegation, led by Minister Counsellor Seon Cheol Park. The visit was  aimed at exploring and paving the way for a potential collaboration between the PAP and the National Assembly of the Republic of South Korea on matters on mutual interest.

Welcoming the delegation, Hon. Masele informed the delegation of PAP’s commitment to collaborate with partners that have the best interest of the African continent at heart, while also indicating the readiness of the continental body to act as a gateway to constituencies.

“The willingness of the Republic of Korea (ROK), especially its Parliament, to work with the PAP is testimony of the growing importance of our institution as well as the recognition from our existing and potential partners that we are the umbilical cord with the African grassroots. We are open to partnerships that advance the interest of our people and we look forward to formalizing our working relationship with the Republic of Korea through its Parliament on areas of mutual benefits,” says Hon. Masele.

The ROK is showing its clear determination to better understand Africa’s successes, challenges and prospects, as well as the ways Korean citizens could collaborate with African businesses and governments on projects. Korea’s perspective emphasizes building upon African expertise and increasing dialogue within them..

"As we embark on the process of strengthening our ties with the Africa, we recognize that there is a lot we need to learn about the continent and its people. We are therefore attracted by the PAP’s capacity to connect with African citizens through its relationship with regional and national Parliaments. We have come to explore potential areas of collaboration between our Parliament and this arm of the African Union,” says Mr. Park.

The PAP currently has formal working relationships with a number of continental Parliaments including the European Parliament where a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) allows for collaboration on various aspects including capacity building and knowledge sharing.

Source: Pan African Parliament

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