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Monday, February 18, 2019

Parliamentary election campaigns in Guinea-Bissua commence

The electoral campaigns for the March 10 parliamentary elections in Guinea-Bissau kicked off on Saturday.

The various candidates in the election have until March 8 to convince voters. There are already processions in the country’s main cities.

Samori Cabral, PAIGC support said he hopes that PAIGC will win and that Guinea Bissau will change.

“In fact, in Gabu, it’s not just the posters that represent the PAIGC. Some of the people we can see also represent the PAIGC. Long live the PAIGC! Long live the PAIGC!,” said Braima, another PAIGC support.

“We will choose the one that will be best for all, to govern us. The one that will make us feel good. We don’t want to relive what we’ve already experienced,” said Ma by Melo Soares Neto, female voter.

The evils facing Guinea-Bissau’s people is political and military instability. The stakes of this election are therefore high, allowing Guinea-Bissau to emerge from the political crisis in which it has been plunged since 2015.

Against the backdrop of a possible lifting of sanctions imposed on the country by the international community since the 2012 coup d‘état. this is First test before the election.

The March 10 elections are expected to renew the 102 seats in the opposition-dominated National Assembly, with 15 deputies for the movement for alternation and democracy (Madem) and 41 deputies for the Party for Social Renewal (PRS).

The PAIGC, after a dissent by Mademoiselle’s deputies, currently has 42 deputies. Other small parties control the rest of the seats.

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