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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Peter Obi: Nigeria not fighting corruption

 Mr Peter Obi
Vice presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Mr Peter Obi, has faulted the current administration’s style in the fight against corruption.

Obi who said that fighting corruption is easy, added that Nigeria is not fighting corruption.

“We are not fighting corruption,” Obi said during a Unity Summit 2018, organised by the Youth Wing of the Christian Association of Nigeria (YOWICAN).”

“Fighting corruption is not an economic policy,” the PDP vice presidential candidate said, apparently discrediting the present administration’s achievements in the anti-graft war.

“Find a way of stopping the stealing,” Obi counsel the present leadership adding that Nigerians should not be told about the war against corruption without it having a positive effect on their lives.

“Don’t tell me about corruption. Take the money directly to where it should go. But when you build several toll gates, you are breeding corruption,” the former governor of Anambra state said.

“Look at your country, where are we going. We are the poorest in the world. India was the poorest in 2015 but now, Nigeria have pushed India away. What did India do to get out from that place, what did China do to pull millions of their people out of poverty? Obi asked while urging the Nigerian youths to vote credible people in 2019.

Obi who said he remain a committed fan of the youth, added that they must rise up against insecurity and should not be taken back to the leadership failure.

“This is a great country. Nigeria was a great country in the community of nations when we didn’t know what to do with money because the country was great.”

“The economy was far better than China and South Korea. Just 35 years ago. We had a reserve of over 10 billion but China today has an enviable GDP. What did China did that we are not doing. It’s not enough for people to say they are going to change things. What have you change before? Tell us in simple terms, where you are taking us to. Simplified. Give us your background what you’ve done. Those who perform woefully, pray for them to leave peacefully. You must ensure that bad leaders must not continue. Your country is going down,” Obi added.

The CAN’s youth president, Apostle Nyeneime Andy said they were determined to work as youths to ensure peaceful and credible elections in 2019.

According to Andy, the youths most stop complaining but rise for a positive change.

“Let’s rise and save Nigeria. United we stand, divided we fall,” Andy said adding that they will ensure that Nigerians especially the Christian youths do not engage in hate speeches.

“The unity summit had all the parties present. We must arise and take responsibility. The future of Nigeria depends on us. We will not shade blood,” Andy said adding that they have been moving from one state to another, educating the youths to be violence free.

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