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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Shehu Sani mocks Buhari’s ‘Next Level’ policy, hits El-Rufai

Shehu Sani
The senator representing Kaduna Central, Shehu Sani, has taken a swipe at President Muhammadu Buhari’s Next Level Policy Document.

The APC-led government had on Sunday unveiled its agenda for the nation ahead of the 2019 general election.

Speaking at the official flag off of his campaign in Kaduna on Tuesday, Sani, who is seeking his re-election bid on the platform of the Peoples Redemption Party (PRP), described Buhari as a good and honest man, but added that a demanding leadership in a nation of myriads of challenges needs more than sainthood.

His full speech below:
Today, I’m launching my bid for re election to the senate to represent Kaduna Central as the flag bearer of the People’s Redemption Party PRP.

I’m here again to seek the support, the solidarity and the votes of the people of Kaduna central for the upcoming general elections slated in February 2019.

I seek to represent you in order to remain your force for freedom and your voice for justice. I seek for your new mandate in order to continue to defend and project your interest.

I have in the last three and half years been able to stand for you and speak for you within and outside of the senate. I have also been able to positively impact on the lives of so many of you through visible and verifiable intervention projects and empowerment programs.

This is another phase in the history of our country and in your lives, to take a decision and make a choice of where your future should be.

In the last three and half years, you have endured suffering, hardships and deaths. You have become victims of false promises and arrogance of power in Kaduna state. You were afflicted with a leadership that is so destructive and treacherous. You were caged and exploited by a crude right wing parasitic leadership that latched and hang on the name of your President.

Iniquitous and failed leadership in Kaduna has turned the state into a hub for kidnappings, religious extremism and deaths. The Government in Kaduna is lead by a divisive emperor unjust to both Christians as well as Muslims. He rules and want to continue to rule by exploiting your diversity and religious differences. Reject APC in Kaduna state and anyone associated with it.

A nation on the precipice, on the cliff, must carefully gauge its option before moving to the next level. The Senate should not be a refuge for political protection, it should not be an old people’s home, it should not be a pensioners station or a reward home for stooges and loyalists. The Parliament is the most important organ of Government that needs people of principles, intellect and capacity to hold sacred the baton of representation.

You have a choice in Kaduna central; to vote for me or to vote for a sit in stooge who will be there to keep the seat for the Governor.

The PRP is not one of the two big parties. The two big parties will depend on their might and strengths but we will depend on our honour, our spirit, our faith and our ageless and untiring and unwavering bond with the masses.

You have been through the tunnel of horror, you must not end up into another one of tragedy. The ruling party has no enough stock of honour and justice to dispense even to its members not to talk of others. They will depend on the use of state resources to buy your votes and your conscience and use the state machinery to repress you, but you must remain firm to defend your votes.

The future of your country is in your thumb. You either move to the Promised Land or remain in Egypt.

President Buhari is a good and honest man, but a demanding leadership in a nation of myriads of challenges needs more than sainthood. Present and future Nigeria doesn’t need a senate of lackeys, satraps, puppies and puppets, Stooges in the senate cannot hold the executive to account. If you have a Parliament inhabited and dominated by puppets and puppies, you will have a tyranny in your country.

Even if ruling party tickets were for sale as its done at the gate of the theatre, the opera, the tollgate, the stadia, you must not sale your conscience and votes.

Today, here at the home of Alhaji Balarabe Musa, the living conscience of the nation, I formally launch my bid for re-election to represent Kaduna Central in the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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