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Monday, September 3, 2018

USA: Donald Trump Unfairly Accuses Google of Favouring Barack Obama

After accusations that Google has manipulated the search results against the Conservatives, Trump has just launched a new charge against the search engine. Through a video, the US president blames Google to make a bias for Obama.

According to the US Head of State, Google has not put forward his annual speech in Congress, as for Obama. It is to wonder why he has a tooth against Google. This Tuesday, Trump had already criticized the search engine through his tweets. According to him, searches combining “Trump” and “News” only result in “rigged” results. This Wednesday, Donald Trump shared a video where he accuses the search engine to make a bias for Obama.

Indeed, he said that Google has promoted the State of the Union Speech, which is held once a year and during which the President of the United States presents his program of the year to Congress. What he implied is that on January 30, 2018, Google did not make any. Through a Tweet, entitled “Stop the Bias”, he shared a photo of January 30 where the speech was not on the front page of Google.

For now, we wonder if it is the Trump administration who shared with him the photo or if it is a third party. In its defense, Google shared the original photo of its homepage during Trump’s speech to Congress.

On this one, we can see that the announcement is dated the day after the intervention of Trump. “Google is a private company with its own algorithms and the government has absolutely no control over how it handles its business,” Ken Paulson, a former USA Today journalist and now president of the First Amendment Center, told AFP. the Newseum Institute.

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