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Saturday, August 4, 2018

Waku reveals Nigerian governor, Senator plotting Ortom’s impeachment

Governor Samuel Ortom
Senator Joseph Waku has accused Al Makura of Nasarawa State and Senator Geroge Akume of being the brain behind the recent move by some members of the Benue State House of Assembly to impeach Governor Samuel Ortom.

According to him, the duo had sworn with their blood to make sure Benue remained ungovernable.
He told Sun that, “What is happening in Benue State is very unfortunate. It is a tragedy. It is a big shame and a big stain on our democracy. How can eight members out of 30 threaten to impeach the state governor when they don’t have the majority? These eight lawmakers are in the minority, and so what they are doing is obviously illegal.

“But unfortunately, it is these eight minority lawmakers that APC leadership and the Nigeria Police are backing. It is a big shame that the hatred and open hostility that APC leadership both at the federal and the state levels have for Governor Ortom that is blinding them to the illegality of the criminality they are supporting in Benue State. I am ashamed that this is the kind of democracy that APC and the Federal Government are practising. Imagine the Federal Government and the Presidency looking the other way while the Nigeria Police is being used to give illegal protection to these eight lawmakers who are in the minority.

“Our leaders should cover their faces in shame. Imagine the Federal Government and the Presidency looking the other way while the Inspector-General of Police, Ibrahim Idris is giving police protection to these rebellious lawmakers. Is it not the same police that can’t stop herdsmen from killing innocent Benue State women, children, pregnant women and old men that are now protecting the eight lawmakers. The IG is a big disgrace. His action and conduct in Benue State and even in other parts of the country is very unprofessional.

“It is sad that the police IG, Ibrahim Idris is using Nigeria Police as a tool of oppression against the weak – this is one of the reasons why the clamour for state police has to be taken serious. The Nigeria Police has become a tool of oppression in the hands of the Federal Government. The moment you are perceived as an enemy or opponent of APC or the Federal Government, they now turn the police on you to harass and torment you. This is very sad. I hope President Muhammadu Buhari will take urgent steps to redress all these anomalies before they boomerang. Nobody will talk about all these overzealous officials when problem starts but it is Buhari as the nation’s leader everybody will mention because the buck stop at his table.

“Governor Al-Makura is not portraying himself to be a friend of Benue people. It is his government that is providing cover for those people who are making life difficult for Benue people. He is the chief host of the herdsmen tormenting our people in Benue State. Al-Makura doesn’t love us in Benue State, and that was why he played host at the meeting where the decision was taken by George Akume to sack Ortom illegally. Al-Makura should change and pray to God for forgiveness because of his unfriendly attitude to people of Benue State.”

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