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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Middle Belt killings caused by impunity and non-prosecution of the perpetrators – US

David Young
The United States has stated that killings in the Middle Belt and northern Nigeria were caused by impunity and non-prosecution of the perpetrators.

Deputy Chief of Mission and Charge de Affaires, US Embassy in Nigeria, David Young, said this in a chat with journalists in Jos after a meeting with church leaders in Plateau State.

“The Nigerian government should strengthen its laws to deal with killers,” he advised.
Young expressed sadness at the incessant killings and crisis between farmers and Fulani herdsmen in Plateau State.

He thanked the 83-year-old Imam of Nghar village, Gashish District, Alhaji Abubakar Abdullahi, who saved 300 persons including Christians, during the June 24 attack.

He added, “On behalf of the United States government and American people, I want to express again our condolences on the tragic loss of lives across Plateau, North-Central and North-West states.

“Quite a lot of people have died; it has been very terrible tragedies. We want to affirm the sanctity of human lives and anytime a person dies, it is a tragic loss, be that person a Christian, Muslim, Berom, farmer or herder.

“I think it is clear, we know and government knows that as well. A lot of people are doing good things and working hard.

“But it needs to be even more because it is clear that there is a climate of impunity. When people are committing serious crimes, they get away with it, without being brought to justice.”

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