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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Social media on ‘fire’ after Kwankwaso dumps Buhari, APC

Senator Rabiu Kwankwaso
Divergent reactions have trailed the defection of former Kano State Governor, Rabiu Kwankwaso, from the ruling All Progressives Congress to the People’s Democratic Party, PDP.

Senator Kwankwaso representing Kano Central at the Senate joined several lawmakers in a mass defection on the floor of the Senate yesterday.

He was also among the PDP bigwigs that moved from the PDP to APC during the 2015 election.

DAILY POST recalls that the lawmaker met with President Muhammadu Buhari and the leadership of APC, a day before he dumped the party.

Reacting, some Nigerians took to their Twitter page to criticize him for betraying Buhari while others applauded him for the move.

Here are some comments gathered by DAILY POST…

@A_sleemy, ”The way FG and APC treated Kwankwaso was suicidal and an insult. It’s like supporting and backing Ambode and sidelining Tinubu. Ridiculous decision and calculation. The most powerful Northern politician only behind Buhari (some think otherwise) is out of their party. Tragic.”

@KwankwasoAmana, ”With the present exodus, I believe APC now is “out of the words”. @KwankwasoAmana has succeeded in scoring himself by pitching his tent with the disgusting mai-malafa. @MBuhari, @NGRPresident.”

@Abbas_tasly, ”Kwankwaso was a governor when he found APC, he didn’t come to APC because he was unemployed, APC didn’t make him, he helped made the APC, Adams Oshiomole in a video clip last night.”

@gimbakakanda, ”I’ll choose Kwankwaso over Buhari every freaking day, even in my worst nightmare. It’s not even a dilemma!”

@amkareto, ”Oshomole visited Kwankwaso several times in his house to plead with him not to defect, even took him to PMB to further plead with him, insisting that he is too important to APC, suddenly after Kwankwaso’s defection today, Oshiomole said he has no electoral value. This guy no get shame!”

@el_bonga, ”Kwankwaso defected to APC and Shekarau left for PDP because, by the constitution of the party, Kwankwaso should be the party leader. Today, Kwankwaso has joined PDP, and Shekarau is the PDP leader in Kano. One day, you are the cock of the walk; the next, a feather duster.”
@noir2u, ”This defection has been on the cards for months. Most of the defectors know they will not win tickets on the APC platform for their reelection. Other than Kwankwaso and Saraki, none of the others are political heavyweights. Most rode on the shoulders of Buhari or Tinubu.”

@Chxta, ”In the end, after all, is said and done, Buhari, Saraki, Dogara, Ekweremadu, Kwankwaso, Tinubu, Oshiomhole, insert-name-here.The question we should really ask is: will all of this drama be of benefit to the man on the street? If not, it’s all a waste of our fucking time.”

@CuteTgurl, ”If Kwankwaso contests under PDP, northerners will vote for him. He will get more votes than Atiku. If PDP have the sense, they should give the ticket to kwankwaso but of cause, they are senseless.”

@iam__leonpatriq, ”Kwankwaso is the New JUDAS. Last supper with Buhari. The next day he betrayed Buhari.”

@emtukur, ”I’m not happy Kwankwaso defected. The masses would genuinely believe he is President Buhari’s enemy, & that’ll stain his 2023 ambition. 2019 is for Baba. The masses will believe anything said against Kwankwaso as long as Baba is in the picture. I really hope this is not an own goal.”

@_walebakare, ”Kwankwaso held meetings till the wee hours of yesterday with Buhari and early this morning submitted his name among the early defectors. Nigga burst my head.”

@UNCLE_AJALA, ”Kwankwaso was busy drinking burukutu yesterday night with Buhari calling him sweetheart, Nigeria president even posted his picture with him doing PDA, today he’s now drinking kunu with his new bae PDP, and kissing Buhari goodbye. YORUBA DEMON.”

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