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Thursday, January 20, 2022

MIDEV releases scorecard for Nigeria’s delegation to ECOWAS Parliament

Media Ideals for Development (MIDEV) in Africa has released a mid-term report of the 5th Legislature of the ECOWAS Parliament with respect to the activities and performance of the Nigerian delegation to ECOWAS.

MIDEV is a non-governmental organization whose vision is to see a developed Africa “free from the pangs of poverty and under-development”.

One of its core responsibilities is to carry out independent studies and researches on the conduct and activities of political office holders at every level in a bid to determine their level of commitments to the yearnings and aspirations of the electorates who voted them into power.

According to the report which was sponsored by the National Assembly, the Nigerian delegation to the ECOWAS Parliament is made of thirty-four legislators from both chambers of the National Assembly (Senate and House of Representatives). The criteria used were classed under the following: Attendance to Plenary, Attendance to Committee Meetings, Carriage/ Comportment, Contribution to debates at both Plenary and Committee meetings and Access to collection of allowances. Each of the five criteria was awarded 20 points.

The report concluded that 20 parliamentarians who scored A and B are representing their country effectively while the other 14 parliamentarians who performed poorly, are among those that will come in and register their names without attending plenary or any of the committee meetings.

Interestingly, the category of parliamentarians who performed poorly, scored perfect 20 points in the collection of their allowances!

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