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Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Mali Postpones February 2022 General Elections

By Frank Nwaete 

Mali's Military dominated Government has announced that the Presidential and Parliamentary elections, earlier scheduled for February 2022, will no longer hold! 

In its place, the military leaders announced a five-year Transitional Period To Democratic Rule, implying therefore that the General Elections will now hold in Five (5) years time.

The proposal defies Transitional Time Table Period Set to meet FEBRUARY 2022 deadline, for a return to Civilian Rule. 

Mali's Foreign Minister Abdoulaye Diop, announced the proposed five (5) year delay on National Television on Saturday 1st January, 2022. 

Mali's Military President Col Assimi Goita, who led the overthrow of former civilian President Boubacar Ibrahim Keita in August 2020, is under pressure from France and Mali's Regional Allies. 

Col. Goita declared himself president after a second coup in May 2021, whence he forced out the Interim Government, of which he was the Vice-President.

According to the new Military Election Proposals, Mali Elections will be held in January 2026! 

The junta maintains that elections cannot be held due to deepening insecurity across the country as France announced that it would draw down its presence to 5,000 soldiers and end Operations in early 2022. 

Newsmen recall that Malian and French Forces have fought insurgency for nearly a decade now.  The current violence in Mali began in 2012 with a rebellion by separatists in the North with ISIL and AL QAEDA affiliated Groups becoming involved in the Conflict and in the SAHEL REGION.

France in 2014 , began OPERATION BARKHANE which includes Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Mauritania And Niger to combat armed groups in the GREATER SAHEL. 

However, coups in Mali in August 2020 and May 2021, both led by Col Assimi Goita, forced France to end the joint operations. West African Regional bloc, ECOWAS suspended Mali, following military coups.

It also imposed sanctions on Malian Officials over election  delay and threatened more actions.

Under international pressure and faced with sanctions, the military junta agreed to and initiated an 18 - month transitional period that would have culminated in presidential and parliamentary elections in February 2022. 

Mali is also among the three (3) African nations suspended from a DUTY - FREE TRADE PROGRAMME in the USA.

The United States blocked Mali from the Program due to the military coups over the past two (2) years. 

Analysts believe that the diplomatic game between the Mali Military Junta and the other different actors, may continue, which may negatively impact on the Country. 

Though not surprised with the postponement, the observers are however surprised at the boldness of moving the elections five (5) years ahead.


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