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Saturday, December 14, 2019

COP25: The African Group Of Negotiators Presentation On 7th Dec. 2019

Compiled by Hon Dr Tapiwa Mashakada

The Presentation was done by a panel of present and past African Group of Negotiators. The Current Chair is Ambassador Nasri of Egypt. He explained the African position regarding the implementation of the Paris Agreement.
The African Group want COP to consider the Africa special case and exempt Africa from meeting the 1.5 degrees Celsius mitigation target. Africa needs to exploit its natural resources to finance health, education and other priorities. After all Africa did not contribute to the emission of Green House Gases.
Instead it is the developed countries who are responsible, therefore why should Africa pay the prize? Africa is seeking for sustainable development that balances mitigation and adaptation. Therefore Africa has special circumstances and needs.
This is not to suggest that Africa is reneging on the Paris Agreement. Far from it. Africa is experiencing natural catastrophes such as drought, floods hence there is no drought that Africa has come up with its own ambitious NDC targets but not 1.5 degrees. The African group has targeted 3.5 degrees Celsius.
According to UNEP Africa is paying between to 2% and 9% towards adaptation yet Africa only contributes 4% of emissions. Africa needs financial resources  technology and capacity building. Seventeen percent of the world population live in Africa.
Therefore geopolitics is at play. Africa is in  a climate change conundrum that it did not create. Africa needs to exploit its resources for socio-economic development. This is the biggest dilemma faced by African policy makers.
The representative of the Climate Justice Group (Mr Augustus) capped it all by saying "when Africa  demands for special dispensation it is not fairy tale but science". Africa will remain committed to the Paris Agreement as demonstrated ambitions and commitments but Africa also needs resources.

Hon Dr Tapiwa Mashakada is a member of the Pan African Parliament.

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