Killings in 20 out of 36 states of the federation and other abnormalities are indications that Nigeria is at a breaking point - Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah - AFRICAN PARLIAMENTARY NEWS



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Sunday, April 21, 2019

Killings in 20 out of 36 states of the federation and other abnormalities are indications that Nigeria is at a breaking point - Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah

Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah
The Catholic Bishop, Sokoto Diocese, Matthew Hassan Kukah, has observed that killings in 20 out of 36 states of the federation and other socio-economic problems leads to the inevitable conclusion that Nigeria is at a breaking point, adding that the country was “sinking deeper into abyss of despair.”

In his Easter message to Nigerians, Bishop Kukah said, “Mr. President, we are at breaking point. The country is at such a dangerous and precarious level that it could snap anytime and anywhere. You can feel, see and touch the pulse. So, Mr. President, please step up, offer us solutions not excusesor complaints.

“Leadership is an exercise in problem solving. Cabal, mafia, cult or whatever, it is your call, Sir. Nigeria hangs dangerously on a precipice. You have to lead us to reclaim our country and to restore laughter and hope to our people.

“Today, our nation is sinking deeper and deeper into the abyss of despair, melancholy and depression. No matter how we wish to pretend as a nation and a people, the evidence that all is not well stares us in the face.

“The killings are even more numerous, widespread, senseless and violent than last year. Only last week, a Newspaper reported that in 20 out of the 36 States, hundreds of Nigerians are being held by kidnappers in different locations with families being left to their fate.”

Kukah alleged that statistics continue to reel out indices of human existence which show clearly that Nigerians are desperately sliding into both chaos and despondency.

“International human development weighing agencies are coming to the same conclusions about the suffocating and crippling levels of misery and destitution in Nigeria.

“Mr. President, it is becoming increasingly difficult, even for the most optimistic of citizens, to see beyond these clouds of frustration.

“Ironically, the victims of these tragedies are your main constituents. They are northerners, they are Muslims and they gave you the greatest votes. Social media messages by your aides cannot make up for your physical presence a sour people are grieving daily. These only serve to reinforce the feeling of distance and alienation between you and the victims of these tragedies, your children,” he explained.

While wishing President Buhari a Happy Easter celebration, he told him to accept the challenge of his electoral victory by the main opposition in good faith.

Kukah said, “A Happy Easter to our President. Mr. President, Sir, the elections have come and gone, well, almost. You were declared winner, but the Opposition, in exercising its right, has challenged the results. We are prayerfully hopeful that the process will be concluded so that you can hold a prize that is not seen as morally tainted.

“You yourself have encouraged those who feel aggrieved to follow your example and to pursue all legal remedies as you did consistently over the years you felt unjustly deprived.

“I recall that in 2007 when many people discouraged you from going to court to challenge Alhaji Umaru Musa Yar’adua, claiming that you were both Muslims, northerners from the same state, I personally published an article encouraging you to exercise your right to seek fairness.

“I also argued that, either way, these processes can only strengthen and not weaken our Democracy. My views and position have not changed and will not change, no matter who is involved.

“Looking back, I do not think that any honest citizen will dispute the fact that things have not changed for the better for our country and its citizens. Please, Sir, do not allow anyone to deceive you.

“There is no need for us to spend too much time about the quality of our elections, since the truth is that even the best elections will be useless if they do not improve the quality of human life.”

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