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Saturday, April 20, 2019

5 Most Brutal And Corrupt Police Services In Africa

Studies have shown that around the world, police forces exhibit certain characteristics that include among other things, brutality and corruption.

Regrettably the police in a number of African countries seem to excel in brutality and bribe taking. In this regard, we present the list of 5 countries in Africa where police forces are extremely corrupt and brutal. Four of these five countries were also ranked as the worst police services in the world in the latest report of the Index of Internal Security and Police (WISPI).


Kenya is one of the African countries where police services are recognized for their hard-core citizen violence and also widespread corruption. Protesters in the country are always at the mercy of batons and police batons.
In the 2016-2017 WISPI report, Kenyan police were ranked as the worst in the world, followed by Uganda and Nigeria.
It uses all the means at its disposal to disperse the protesters, which very often leads to numerous deaths and illegal detentions during demonstrations, especially when they are directed against the government.

South Africa

South Africa is widely recognized as the world capital of police brutality. In 2016 alone, there were 244 deaths and 124 rapes committed by police forces in South Africa, according to the Wispi report.

The various popular claims tend to be recurrent and boring for South African police. It therefore adopts all available means to put an end to it.
145 cases of torture by police against protesters and innocent citizens were also recorded in 2016. It was also noted that the South African government’s budget can not support the multiple court files in which it is implicated. police.


The Nigerian police (NPF), like those in Kenya and South Africa, are known for their corruption and brutality. WISPI also confirmed that many cases of extrajudicial executions are attributed to the police.


Ugandan police officers are known to have no time for the use of tear gas or water to disperse protesters. Instead, they use wire and sticks to bring order back in record time.
In some cases, security forces summarily shot people and threw the bodies on riverbanks and in bushes. For example, at least 100 people were killed and 139 others arrested in clashes between security agencies and palace guards in the western city of Kasese.

DR Congo

The combination of a tense political environment and a tendency to always recover from the crisis has made the Congolese police a brutal entity. The police do not hesitate to repress any attempt to undermine the public peace, which it considers a threat against the dictatorial power of Joseph Kabila.

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