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Monday, November 12, 2018

Kenya Eyes Law to Promote Recycling of Plastics Bottles

Ministry of Environment and Forestry cabinet secretary Keriako Tobiko said his ministry is in the process of finalizing the Waste Management Bill and Policy.
Speaking at an environmental forum in Nairobi, Tobiko said the plan is to encourage as many manufactures as possible to partner with the government to improve disposal and recycling of plastic bottles.

“The bill will encourage more manufacturers to commit to a scheme that promotes the collection and recycling of plastic bottles,” Tobiko said.

The proposed law will require the government to put in place measures to reduce the amount of waste generated and, where waste is generated, to ensure that waste is re-used, recycled and recovered in an environmentally-sound manner.

In May, the ministry, the National Environment and Management Authority (NEMA) and Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) signed a framework of cooperation on a take back scheme for PET bottles.

NEMA director general Geoffrey Wahungu said the country was witnessing an increase in littering of PET bottles in the environment.

Wahungu said that if the PET bottles are not well managed, they are likely to pose negative impacts on the environment because of their inability to decompose thus affecting soil and environment quality.

“The PET plastics also cause pollution of coastal and marine environment and the resultant cost on tourism marine food and health,” he added.

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