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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Fayose berates Buhari for saying he was seeking re-election to protect Nigerians

Ayodele Fayose
The Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose has berated President Muhammadu Buhari for saying he was seeking re-election to protect Nigerians.

Fayose insisted that Nigerians don’t need Buhari’s spurious protection.

In a statement issued by his Chief Press Secretary, Idowu Adelusi, Fayose stressed that Nigerians have rejected Buhari, hence he should not seek re-election.

He said, “Nothing is further from the truth.

“Buhari says he is seeking re-election to protect Nigerians? Tell him Nigerians need no spurious ‘protection’ from him. Nigerians from all walks of life have rejected this man and dismissed the many propaganda of Buhari’s APC government as lies from the pit of hell.

“Buhari and APC have only used the power they hold in trust for the people to suppress, oppress, intimidate, victimise, and destroy our people.

“Buhari says what he is expected to do; that is, to protect us, but which is actually not what he is doing. We are calling on him to protect us from killers and murderers but Buhari has failed to do that in four years. He has instead defended them again and again. What magic will he now perform if re-elected into office?”

Fayose lamented that the Nigerians that brought Buhari to office have “systematically, relentlessly, and ruthlessly been destroyed by Buhari/APC despite protests by Nigerians and the international community.”

He added, “Do we talk of his human rights abuses or the daily killing of innocent but hapless and helpless Nigerians under his watch, which have surpassed any in peace-time Nigeria?

“The country itself is drifting as a result of Buhari’s mindless tribalism and nepotism, which have polarised Nigerians like never before.

“The Nigerian economy, which was the largest in Africa and one of the fastest-growing in the world, is now a shambles due to Buhari/APC’s pig-headed policies and pussy-footing when prompt and appropriate decisions were needed to pilot the ship of State.

“In free and fair elections, there is no way Buhari/APC can return to power. And talking about free and fair elections, a legacy handed down to Buhari/APC has been shamelessly ruined by them as our elections are no longer free and fair.

“Today under Buhari/APC, joblessness, hopelessness, depression, and despondency envelop the nation. Oppression, repression, suppression, and untold suffering have become the order of the day.

“It is political rascality and unbridled partisanship carried too far when Mr. President repeatedly declines to sign the Electoral Bill into law in an election in which he intends to be a participant. The fate of a whole nation, the efforts of our heroes past, and the progress of our renascent democracy thus hang in the balance on the altar of ego-tripping and cold-blooded calculations to despotically cling to power.

“And should he be forthright enough to commission an independent and objective survey of the current level of his goodwill, he will just go back home and rest.

“There is little or nothing left of the huge goodwill that brought Buhari into office. He has frittered it all!”

-Daily Post

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