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Friday, August 10, 2018

Police report on NASS blockade shows Lawal Daura acted at the behest of some ‘powerful politicians’. (See the Report)

Police IG Ibrahim Idris
A preliminary report by the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris on the reckless and unauthorized blockade of the National Assembly on Tuesday by masked DSS operatives appears to have confirmed the suspicions that it was ordered by the sacked Lawal Daura at the behest of some ‘powerful politicians’.
The IGP report concluded that the blockade was done with the intent to “incite and weep up sentiment of the National Assembly members against the Federal Government of Nigeria”.
Investigation showed that Daura was not formally invited by the leadership of the National Assembly to send his hooded and masked men to mount the blockade on 7 August and there was no crime committed prior to the invasion.
Daura did so on a “claimed intelligence report that unauthorized persons were planning to smuggle “undisclosed weapons and incriminating items into the National Assembly Complex. He did not inform the Acting President, neither did he share the information with the Nigerian Police Force or other security agencies.”
To underscore the false premise of the so-called intelligence relied upon by Daura, he did not deploy anti-terrorist forces or EOD experts or specialists to the National Assembly, the IGP said.
Instead Daura sent armed officers of the DSS, who were wearing masks to disguise their identities, and who acted more like “mercenaries, hired to carry out executions.”
The Police boss concluded: that “it is crystal clear that the principal suspect, Lawal Musa Daura may be acting the script of some highly placed politicians to achieve selfish political goals, hence his unilateral and unlawful decision to invade the `National Assembly Complex”.
Read the IGP report verbatim here courtesy of NAN http://www.nan.ng/headlines/nass-blockade-leaked-police-report-shows-why-daura-did-it/:

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