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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

National Assembly Faces Sanitary Challenge Over Water Shortag

 The National Assembly
Sanitary challenge engulfed the National Assembly complex on Monday as its conveniences appeared overstretched and filled the air with foul smell owing to water shortage in the premises.

News Agency of Nigeria Correspondents report that the conveniences were messed up by staff members and visitors to the complex, answering the call of nature.

NAN observed that the floors of the conveniences were littered with toilet rolls and faeces, and combined with urination on the floor, emitted heavy stench around the premises.

Some members of staff expressed frustration over the development, disclosing, though anonymously, that the situation had persisted since Thursday.

One of them said: “I was discussing the situation with my colleagues; the situation actually started on Thursday.

“I had to use water from dispenser to perform ablution, but little did I know that it will persist till today.’’

Another respondent said: “We do not know what the cause is, because we were not told. Maybe it is from Water Board.

“It is terrible. It a very bad experience but I believe by tomorrow (Tuesday) when the lawmakers sit, they will do something about it.

“I am not comfortable with the situation but what do you expect me to do.”

Another stated that there was a pipe that burst in the House of Representatives arm of the complex, but said: They are working on it; so, I am sure that is why they stopped the water”.

The source described the development as “terrible’’ and said that there should have been an alternative arrangement “since people can answer the call of nature any time.

It said: “I have been pressed since morning but I have to endure till I close all, but what about people who may have diarrhoea or other health concerns that would not allow them hold on for long.”

Efforts to reach national assembly management failed as neither the Clerk of the Assembly nor the Director, Estate and Works Department, took calls put to their telephones or responded to short messages.

But, reacting to the development, Chairman, Senate Committee on Police Affairs, Senator Abu Ibrahim, told NAN that the situation was unfortunate.

He said: “I concur with you 100 per cent. The place is messed up.

“Go and ask Gobir, he is Chairman, Senate Committee on Services.”

NAN also reports that there were several power outages in the complex during the day, particularly in the Senate wing, some lasting over an hour.

The situation caused people to resort to the use of torch for illumination.


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