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Sunday, July 8, 2018

2019: Any Benue indigene who votes for Buhari will be cursed – Aji

President Buhari
President of the National Association of Benue State Indigenes, NABENSI, Moses Mwarga Aji, has said that any Benue indigene who votes for President Muhammadu Buhari in the 2019 general elections will be cursed.

Aji, who was reacting to arraignment of former Benue State governor, Mr. Gabriel Susuam, by the Federal Government, over alleged illegal possession of arms, challenged Buhari to withdraw his inaugural remarks that he belongs to everybody.

Aji told newsmen in Kaduna that President Buhari’s action and body language has proven beyond reasonable doubt that he belongs to the Fulani extraction only.

I think president Buhari should go back and withdraw his Inaugural speech that” I’m for nobody, I’m for everybody”. President Buhari has shown clearly that he belongs to the Fulani extraction and apart from that he does not consider any other ethnic group in this county outside the Muslims and Fulani herdsmen,” he said.

The national president, who described the arrest and arraignment of the former governor of Benue State as unfortunate, argued that a lot of people have been carrying arms illegally in the country without any arrest by the federal government’s security agencies.

A lot of people have been carrying arms illegally moving around with sophisticated weapons and nothing is happening to them.

“Where did the Fulani people get AK47 from, and moving around, busy killing people every now and then but nothing happened to them yet Buhari did not comment.

“How many arms were caught with Susuam. They are victimizing him because he’s a staunch member of PDP. But the prayers of the masses will guide him and protect him irrespective of the frustration and threat being meted out to him as former governor.

A lot of people possess arms illegally, a lot of people are coming in with arms illegally and nothing is happening to them. Nobody has questioned them. Our borders are porous and people are getting arms in anyhow, why must it be the former governor of Benue State that’s illegal. What Federal Government is doing to him will make him more popular and attract more people’s sympathy with him politically,” he explained.

Aji enjoined indigenes of Benue State to remain calm, be vigilant and peaceful, saying there would be no development without peace.

“But if you’re push to the wall, you have no option than to react. I said this without fear or favour. Buhari has shown to the entire world that he is unfair.

“Miyetti Allah have been making provocative statements and utterances and later execute them. Can anyone compare lives of human beings with cow. Miyetti Allah have been reacting that it was a retaliatory killings and nobody or DSS arrested them.

“When over 200 were killed in Plateau, nobody was arraigned, it happened in Benue, Miyetti Allah claimed responsibility and nothing happen to their leaders.

“January first, Many were killed in Benue, January 13th, Miyetti Allah came out and said there will be more bloodshed in Benue, and it comes to pass but nobody arrested their leaders the claimants, so how can anybody say Buhari has been fair to Benue people who voted him massively against their Christian brother, Goodluck Jonathan?

“Let me send him a message to him, that Buhari has lost in the entire Benue State, nobody will vote for him in 2019. And anyone who vote for him in 2019 will be cursed,” he stated.

(Daily Post)

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